Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Truth in Advertising

I don't mean this to necessarily be an advertisement, but I think it is good to brag on people and companies when they do what they say they are going to do.

About a month or so ago, I went to S&K Menswear to purchase a couple of suits. When I was checking out the clerk asked me if I attended church... I said, "Occasionally." He suggested I fill out a "S&K Gives Back Card" and said the company would send my church 5% of the total price of my purchase. I didn't really want to bother filling out the card because I didn't believe for a minute they were telling the truth. I've seen promotions like this dozens of times through the years. I remember several years ago a telephone company was going to send 10% of everyone's phone bill to the church of their choice. In all of my years in the ministry, no church I have ever served in has ever received a check from one of these companies. And that is fine with me. We don't need corporate America supporting our church, but it has irked me to see these companies using deceit and lies to get church people to shop at their establishments.

Well guess what...

Yesterday, my assistant brought some mail in my office and asked, "What is this?" I looked at it... it was a check to the church for $14.20 from S&K Menswear.

We can learn two things from this...

First, the pastor buys really cheap suits.

Secondly, some companies out there really are telling the truth in their advertisements!

Pastor Noel