Monday, October 29, 2007

The Height of Vanity

It is another 'Dancing with the Stars' family night at the Dear house... So I am aimlessly surfing the world wide web and engaging in the height of vanity otherwise known as 'googling my own name.'

Have you ever done that? It is interesting and sometimes scary what you can find. Here are some of the odd-er references to 'Noel Dear.'

link -- This is a record of a technical problem I had back in 1998 when I owned an internet service provider in Mississippi. That was over nine years ago. I guess some things don't ever get erased from the internet.

link -- This is an article a newspaper did on my views of worship. They really messed up what I said, but that's par for the course with that newspaper.

link -- This is an article that talks about my house burning down a few years ago.

link -- This site says I married a girl from Mississippi State University. If I would have known that before I got married I would have looked for someone from a school with a better football team.

I think every funeral or wedding I've done pops up if you go far enough into the search lists.

It's funny to see sites about people who share your name...

link -- Here is an article that is trying to determine if 'Pastor Noel' is gay. Obviously, he's talking about a different 'Pastor Noel.'

link -- This page has a classic picture of 'Pastor Noel' at the 'Chicken Barbeque.'

link -- Here is a video of 'Pastor Noel', only here Pastor Noel is a Mexican woman ventriloquist.

link -- Here is the real 'Pastor Noel' blog. In this blog I pretend to be a mountain climber. I bet you didn't know I climbed mountains in my spare time.

OK. I can't think of any kind of spiritual point or lesson to make from all of this, but I have successfully waisted enough time for 'Dancing with the Stars' to go off.