Monday, June 25, 2007

Compelled to Blog 2

What a great day we had at church yesterday!

I'm on vacation this morning, but I felt compelled to write a little note about yesterday.

First it was Pastor Shawn's first day. He did a great job leading our worship time Sunday morning. The choir was packed and they brought down the house with their opening song.

Right after the opening song we baptized two young ladies. One made a profession of faith at a graduation party a couple weeks ago and the other was witnessed to by one of her co-workers and brought to church. Isn't it so sweet to see decisions and baptisms like this almost every single week!

Stan Walter sang the special and it was exactly what we needed to hear. I love to stand and preach right after someone has sung like that and really pointed people's hearts toward God.

In the evening service, the youth led everything. I don't know that I have never been to a youth service so well done. The youth praise team and praise band was excellent. I'll have to admit I was a little worried about them going into the service, but I shouldn't have been. They were great. In fact I'm looking forward to us using them to help pastor Shawn lead the morning service from time to time.

Troy, our youth minister, preached his first 'official' sermon, but if you had just walked in from the street you would never have known he hadn't been preaching for years. He honored God with the words he shared and he definitely challenged the church. At the end of the service a fifteen year old young man made a profession of faith. What a great way to top off a great day.

Pray that this coming Sunday will be just the same...

Pastor Noel